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We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptionally high standard of body corporate management services with a personal touch.  These include: 


Our firm uses the industry leading software Stratamax, which provides owners with the ability to update their personal information on-line via the Stratamax portal as well as accessing Body Corporate records, such as meeting notices and minutes at no cost.

Payment Options

Should you become a client of our firm, your Body Corporate will also have access to the Stratapay system for levy payments, which provides owners with the options to pay their Body Corporate levies by BPay, credit card, direct debit, personally at the Post Office, EFT and cheque. 


We use StrataCash for our bodies corporate banking services. There are no fees associated with this operating account.  We actively assist our clients to invest monies in term deposits with Bank of Queensland and Macquarie Bank to maximise the return on Body Corporate funds.


We have a relationship with Your Insurance Brokers, who are part of the Steadfast Group, which is an ASX listed company.  Through this relationship our office can obtain quotes for the Body Corporate’s insurance policy and assist in lodging and handling insurance claims.


  • Convene and attend Body Corporate meetings
  • Call nominations for the positions of executive and ordinary members of the Committee.
  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices.
  • Record and distribute minutes.


  • Open, maintain and operate bank accounts for the administrative and sinking funds, including investments in financial institutions as defined in the Act and enter into contracts for financial services eg. BPay facilities, EFT transactions and the like.
  • Prepare statements of account.
  • Prepare draft budgets.
  • Issue levy and other contribution notices.
  • Process and pay accounts.


  • Pay insurance premiums.
  • Establish and maintain the roll and registers.
  • Maintain and keep records.
  • Implement the decisions of the Body Corporate and its Committee.
  • Make records available for inspection.

These services are included in our Administration Agreement.  We will provide a copy when you request a free, no obligation quote from us.